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Tool Tip Recipe

A "tool tip" is a few words of explanatory text that you sometimes see pop up when your mouse hovers over an image, a link, etc. This Recipe serves a similar purpose, but enables the display of much more content than a simple tool tip.

The Tool Tip recipe enables you to change the content displayed in a part of your webpage based on the visitor moving their mouse over other parts of the page. For example, if your page has icons that can be clicked to perform a variety of functions, you could use this recipe to display an explanation of each function in a sidebar when the visitor moves the mouse over the corresponding icon.

Their are actually two Tool Tip Recipes: Tool Tip (Start), and Tool Tip (Add Another). Use Tool Tip (Start) when creating a new Trigger Set, and then Tool Tip (Add Another) to add another mouse over/content combination to that Trigger Set.